ClearGLASS is the Platform for Managing Blockchains and Clouds

Do you maintain a mix of bare metal on-premise servers, off-premise servers, Blockchain nodes, containers or public/private cloud resources? Then you know just how difficult it is to juggle all of these IT assets especially when trying to optimize management and usage across technologies and infrastructure.

ClearGLASS solves this problem by providing orchestration, security, visibility and control to make it easier to manage heterogeneous infrastructure all from within one console.

Orchestration for Blockchains and Clouds

ClearGLASS can help you automate workflows on physical machines, VMs, Blockchains, and all supported cloud services.

For example, ClearGLASS Blockchain Orchestration can help prevent a 51% attack by automating Blockchain node creation workflows across multiple cloud services spanning various geographic locations. Or use ClearGLASS to create a single, reusable template to provision the same application across different cloud providers, data centers, or colo environments.

ClearGLASS orchestrates repeatable deployments and automates common responses across infrastructure. With ClearGLASS, there is no need to migrate machines and you can manage legacy bare-metal and modern cloud infrastructure together from a unified interface.


Control Hybrid Environments

Use the ClearGLASS unified interface and/or RESTful APIs to manage heterogeneous infrastructure from any supported service.

Create, reboot or destroy virtual machines. View metadata, tag and search items. Assign keys, run and schedule scripts. Enable monitoring, alerting, and automation. Manage 100% of your infrastructure from one centralized console.


Keep Control Over Usage and Costs

ClearGLASS gives you real time visibility into resource usage and pricing to better understand where costs are coming from and find ways to reduce waste and save money.

You can see cost overviews on monthly run rates and compare costs from multiple clouds in the same interface. ClearGLASS can even help you keep track of resource use to reduce spending on under-utilized machines.


Role-based Self Service for Teams

Turn your IT organization into an internal broker of cloud services. Create user accounts and control access rights across public and private clouds. Let your users serve themselves by giving them the ability to take actions on machines through pre-defined jobs, scripts, and automated workflows.


Main Features

  • Integration with 20 cloud service providers and technologies
  • Manages both on-premise and off-premise resources in one console
  • Blockchain orchestration
  • Docker Cloud container support
  • Ansible support
  • Role-based team access control
  • Reporting for usage and cost insights
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Scripting management
  • Automation management
  • Key management
  • Image management

Supported Providers

ClearGLASS Editions

Community Edition
Just install ClearGLASS from the within the ClearOS Marketplace and get started. You can deploy ClearGLASS inside any ClearOS environment.
Business Edition
Just install ClearGLASS from the within the ClearOS Marketplace and get started. You can deploy ClearGLASS inside any ClearOS environment.